Our Story

Hola! My name is Adalberto, I am the owner and creator of LaidBack™. I was born and raised in a little Island in the Caribbean called Puerto Rico. While living here I learned two things that became part of who I am, graphic design and surf. LaidBack™ is the result of combining those two passions.

LaidBack™ is a brand focused on the design and production of beach towels inspired by Puerto Rican culture. The purpose of LaidBack™ is to create a durable, uniquely designed, and fully functional product to inspire people to get out and explore the beauties that Puerto Rico has to offer and beyond. Being surrounded by so many colors, rhythms and flavors have definitely had a great influence on the design of each product. LaidBack™ beach towels are designed entirely in Puerto Rico since 2019. Our towels are crafted from Global Recycled Standard-certified plastic waste. A LaidBack towel is made from 14 post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

My goal with LaidBack™ is to continue to explore new materials to make it as eco-friendly as possible and to continue to ensure that every person with a LaidBack™ can take a little piece of our culture with them wherever their destiny takes them and can dry off in style with a product of the highest quality.